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Long-Term Car Rental

Dolcar Rent a Car offers fixed monthly payments for car use, price of which depends primarily from the term of agreement and estimated mileages of rented cars. Detailed terms and conditions of long-term rental are adjusted to specific nature of business and individual Client needs.

Long-term car rental is a perfect solution for the companies that do not wish to invest in their own fleet. Attractive rental prices enable equipping of any company in transport means without the need of incurring high one-off expenditures related to purchase of vehicles. Fixed and predictable costs of fleet maintenance is a great benefit for each company allowing for detailed planning expenditures in long time perspective.

This option is available not only to the companies. Long-term rental is also an option for individual clients appreciating comfort and no long-term binding transactions. Long-term car rental enables regular use of a car without the need to have a large amount of money at the start.  The agreement is flexible and concluded for the period not exceeding 4 years. In the case of any failures or damages, the long-term rental offer contains an insurance package and guarantees a courtesy car. Long-term rental is a convenient and time-saving option ensuring 100% mobility. The other advantages include guaranteed servicing package or loss adjustment. You don’t have to worry about repairs or post-accident servicing.

Benefits from our long-term rental service:

  • 0 % of initial payment and guarantee of purchase and preparation of a car selected by client,
  • Full loss adjustment,
  • Courtesy car,
  • Loss adjustment,
  • Fixed monthly instalments.

Long-term rental is from 13 to 48 months.

Service of company’s cars by the entrepreneur (purchase, loan, standard leasing)


Service of company’s cars in long-term rental

All company’s car service activities are taken over by the long-term rental company. The entrepreneur saves its time and can focus on its own activity.


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