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Additional Services

Car relocation

This service consists in transfer of a car from place of stay to the place indicated by the client. In many cases we leave a car in a given place having later no opportunity or time to collect it. Thus, we can easily do it for you. It is addressed to everybody, however our main target are the companies having large car fleet operating throughout the country.

Passenger transport

Dolcar offers also the passenger transport services. We offer transport to your preferred location at the territory of Poland. Transport is performed in comfortable conditions for one to nine persons. The service covers transport with passenger cars and buses (driver + 8 people). This type of service is frequently used for parties, trips, company trips and conferences.

Transport of goods

Despite the fact that vast majority of our services is addressed to private persons, we offer also the services dedicated to companies and entrepreneurs. One of these is “Transport of goods” ensuring quick and safe delivery of any goods to the place specified by the client throughout the country. The service is usually provided with Group T cars due to their capacity to handle goods.

Car from civil liability insurance of the perpetrator – Warsaw and surroundings

We offer courtesy cars in the area of Warsaw. In Dolcar, the victims of car accidents (not by their fault) can rent a car matched to the class of damaged car. This offer is addressed to both natural persons and entrepreneurs, while our well-developed fleet enables selection of a well-matched courtesy car. Learn when you are entitled to courtesy car and how such rental looks like.

Who is entitled to free of charge courtesy car?

The courtesy car from civil liability insurance of accident perpetrator is entitled to any car owner having no other car registered. The courtesy car from civil liability insurance can be rented for the time of repair of a car damaged in effect of collision or accident (or by purchase of a new car). It is entitled to both natural persons and entrepreneurs using a car for business purposes.

The new provisions entered into force in 2011, when the Supreme Court decided that the right to the courtesy car from civil liability insurance is entitled regardless from the use of car (previously, the insurers refused courtesy cars to individual persons). What’s important, the victim cannot use the car occasionally, since in such case that insurer can question the grounds for courtesy car rental. In addition, the Insurance Association cannot justify the refusal with the fact that the victim lives in a place with access to public transport means that enable commuting to work or school. The Court decided that people not liable for accident should not bear its consequences (lower comfort, higher commuting costs, etc.).

How does rental of car from the civil liability insurance of perpetuator look like?

The most convenient way to rent a courtesy car is using the rental car offer. In Dolcar (our key area of operation is Warsaw and surroundings) we offer cash-free rental of courtesy car from civil liability insurance. We settle directly with the insurance company in which the perpetrator has a civil liability policy. The client needs only to provide the civil liability insurance policy number.

We help to select a proper car. Reimbursement for courtesy car from the civil liability insurance is applied only when the victim chooses a car from the same class as the damaged car (or lower however in any case not higher – e.g. SUV or luxurious limo in place of a compact car).

Courtesy car from civil liability insurance of perpetrator is granted only for the time period of repair of damage car. The courtesy car, rented at the cost of insurer, can be used from the time of accident to collection of repaired car. The insurance associations are sometimes reluctant to pay for the whole period – e.g. do not want to consider that the workshop needs to order and have delivered the required spare parts. The owner of the car is entitled to claim reimbursement for the entire period of car repair.

The case of car rental from the civil liability insurance in total losses is slightly different. The time period of use of courtesy car lasts usually until the compensation is paid. Cash received from insurance can be used to purchase a new car by a victim. In some cases, this period can be extended to the time the car is actually purchased. It needs to be remembered that the insurers check such cases thoroughly which prevents unjustified extension of the purchase period.

Can the insurance association impose limits?

The victim can freely use the courtesy car rented at the expense of the civil liability insurance of the perpetrator. The insurance company cannot impose the limit of mileage, routes to be travelled or hours of use of the courtesy car.

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