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Car Fleet Managemnet

„We are a reliable company supporting its Clients in car fleet management (CFM) for years.

We provide professional outsourcing services supporting the companies in optimum control over the company’s transport means. This enabled us gaining relevant experience. We apply the solutions ensuring the highest level of fleet and Client service. The offer covers wide range of fleet management services addressed to all companies. Each offer is prepared individually to meet the Client’s needs. Our experienced team will provide you with any information at any stage of cooperation.

Benefits from CFM services:

Technical service

We guarantee continuous 24/7 support  in the scope of all procedures related to reporting a failure or damage. With our help, you don’t need to worry of time-consuming formalities, searching for proven workshops and high repair costs – all this is available on our website under the CFM.

Tire services

We coordinate the works related to seasonal tire exchange and storage and provide comprehensive advisory services in the scope of selecting the appropriate tires. Our CFM is provided at the highest level at any time.


Under the CFM, we provide civil liability/damage/accident and assistance insurance at the most favourable conditions. Packaging of financial security eliminates the need of individual reporting or searching for the most favourable offer among the insurers – we are the ones to take care of the negotiations and selection of optimal insurances.

Transport loss adjustment

The account manager assigned to provide our CFM services will perform total loss adjustment in professional manner. This is in particular convenient in stressful situations related to collision or or accident.

Assistance and courtesy car

Our CFM services include also post-accident service and delivery of a courtesy car to the specified location. This solution enables time savings and ensures 100% mobility even after the accident.

Fuel cards

We offer the option to fuel at such petrol stations as BP, Orlen and Shell. We guarantee full control over the expenditures by means of monthly reports. This solution provides regularity and order to car fleet maintenance documentation.

GPS monitoring

Our CFM services include also continuous monitoring of all fleet cars. This enables surveillance over the drivers and cost reduction. These are only few from the wide range of opportunities offered by the GPS system.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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