Cookies Policy

Subjects placing information in form of Cookies and any similar technologies,
gaining access to them is:
• Dolar, rent a car with office located at ul. Puławska 294 Warsaw

What are ‘Cookies’?

„Cookies” files are IT data, particularly text files, stored in final devices of users. These files are mainly present when using internet websites. They allow recognizing user’s device and displaying internet website adjusted to personal preferences. „Cookies” mainly contain name of website from which they originate, time of storage on final device and their unique number.


“Cookies” files are not used to identify user. 
Those files are used by Dolcar, rent a car mainly for:
• making our website available for users
• adjusting our website to customers needs
• creating statistics of visiting subpages
• creating statistics of visiting our website for outside purpose and contractors
• advertisements in services- especially to define the content of the advert displayed at certain final device.


User can in any time delete ‘Cookies’ files or block them by options in their internet browser. Dolcar, rent a car warns that deleting or blocking ‘Cookies’ can cause problems in using the website, or even make impossible to use certain functions.

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