How can you book a vehicle?  If you are a new booking customer, we make it through the booking form available on our website https://book.dolcar.auto.pl/  If you are already our customer, you can make a reservation by phone, email or through the booking form.  Who can rent a vehicle?  A person who is over 18 years old and holds a valid category B driving license and a second identity document.  What is the Deposit?  This is the amount that will be blocked on your card during the rental period (credit or debit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express). The deposit is refundable. The funds on the card are unlocked if the car is returned without damage.  Is it possible to reserve a vehicle on the day of its receipt?  Yes. However, before making an online reservation, please make sure to call our branch to confirm the availability of a car from the class at the helpline (+48) 600 975 414 or (+48) 600 834 505.  Do you need a credit card to rent a vehicle?  No. All you need is a debit card, but remember that with a debit card you can rent vehicles from the segment (A, B, C, C +, T, COOL), if you need to rent a car (D, D +, PREMIUM, SUV and SPORT) you will need a credit card.  How much does it cost to rent?  Rental prices depend on the selected class of cars and the date, place of rental and return. By using the booking form at https://book.dolcar.auto.pl/ you can see how much your rent costs. The system also automatically counts discounts and promotions. In the case of a phone reservation or a branch, our employee calculates the rental price and informs you of all the charges included in it.  I do not have a card or can another person pay for me?  Yes. Just inform about it during the booking. If you book a car on our website, enter in the "Comments that the driver of the rented car will be a different person than the one making the payment.  Can car rental for a company be paid for by bank transfer?  Yes.

Is it possible to travel abroad by renting a rented car?

  Yes. If you are planning a trip abroad, please inform us before picking up the car. After receiving written permission, you can travel to all European Union countries. A trip outside of Poland is associated with a one-time fee of PLN 99 gross, resulting from the necessity to equip the car with elements required in other European countries.  Is it possible to rent a car from the OC of the perpetrator?  Yes.  Is it possible to extend the rental of a car during its lifetime?  Yes. If you extend the vehicle by 24 hours, you can do it by phone. If you want to extend your rental by more than 24 hours, you will need to pay for the extension. You can pay in person at the branch or by calling the Infoline and providing your payment card details. The hotline employee will collect funds from the card during a telephone conversation.  Can I waive liability for damage caused to the vehicle during the rental period?  Yes, but you must rent a car for at least 3 days.  How much does it cost to abolish the administration fee for damage?  The cost of abolishing the own contribution depends on the vehicle class. The price list for additional fees is available in the booking form.  Can I have a foreign driving license?  There is no problem to give the car to a person with a foreign driving license if the country whose driving license you will be showing is on the list below:  Albania, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Estonia, Philippines, Finland, France, Greece, Georgia, Guyana, Spain, the Netherlands, Iran, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Cuba, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Mongolia, Germany, Niger, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Central African Republic, South Africa, Russia, Romania, San Marino, Senegal, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Cote d'Ivoire, Zimbabwe.  The exceptions are people using a driving license issued, among others in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Turkey must also have an international driving license.


  Are additional charges not included in the booking?  We do not charge additional fees. The total price you receive when you book your car.    When reserving a given vehicle, I will receive the selected car?    We will make every effort to ensure that the selected car in the reservation is waiting for you on the day of issue, but if this is not possible, we will substitute a car of this or a higher class that meets all the criteria.    Can I pick up the car at the airport?  Our offices are located depending on the locality at the terminal or in its immediate vicinity. After landing and picking up the luggage, please contact the phone number provided in the booking confirmation, then the employee will drive up to the customer to enter the terminal.


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